The Girl Behind The Screen Name

In a world of #selfies it’s amazing to think that one of the hardest subject to tackle is oneself. Although words don’t have filters yet that turn mediocre words into brilliance like filters can take everyday pics and turn them into art worthy of Vogue’s cover.

During the many 1st dates that I’ve been on (Thanks Tinder!) The question of “Tell me about yourself” makes my mind draw a blank as I find myself robotically giving them my resume answer: I am a student at Harper … oh and I like to scrapbook. (Only imagine the … filled with more ellipses equivalent to a ton of awkward silence!) Then cringing because honestly what kind of boring nonsense is that. I fire back with the same question amazed when their answer is somehow better than mine. Although anything has to be better than my student status and one hobby. It’s not like my life is completely boring, it’s just the question is vague and where does one start with describing their life without sounding like a crazy cat lady?! Just in case you were wondering, I am in fact a crazy cat lady!

My cat Kally

Beyond my mixed up educational experiences, I am your typical cat loving college girl. Be warned though that I am slightly more nerdy than I appear and a few super hero references may appear within these digital pages. As I mentioned before, I enjoy scrapbooking and photography. My hobbies like most college students also include sleeping and binge watching T.V.