The “Tea” kick off


The colored sand finishes slipping from the top of the hour glass to the bottom marking that our five minutes is up and our tea is ready to be sipped. Sitting in our very own room at Vanille in Chicago, my sisters, mom and I enjoy a mother daughter tea, kicking off a wonderful Mother’s day weekend.

Vanille was a great place for us four ‘tee-totalers’ to experience our first afternoon tea!


With the several choices of tea, including both caffeinated and decaffeinated options, we had a hard decision of choosing a tea to have.  At our table we mostly opted for the herbal nutty flavors of tea.

Two, three tiered platter stands upon our table filled with delicious treats including a croissant ham sandwich, scones with several spreads, macaroons, cupcakes and much more!

It wasn’t just the heat and sweet earthy flavors within my cup of Walnut Green Tea that warmed my heart. We laughed and chit-chatted. Catching up on life while enjoying all these sweet and savory treats.

I would highly recommend an afternoon tea experience. Even if you are not a ‘tea’ person, the relaxing atmosphere, the yummy snack size treats and beverages makes for a great time!


It was the perfect way to spend a day in the city: with the people I love and a great cup of tea in hand!


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