aside Killer Statement

As I am Walking Dead to my dorm room, zombified by my lack of sleep and controlled by the 50 pounds of assignments in my backpack, I’m shocked and slightly annoyed (my door is so close!) when this girl stops me and says very excitedly “Oh my gosh I like it!” I stop and glance at my outfit.

It’s just jeans and a t shirt. And not the cool ‘model off duty’ look, but the ‘I’m a broke college student so I rummaged for hours in the $1 Forever 21 buckets until I found this wearable creation that slightly fits’ look. Although, I can proudly say I haven’t (yet) worn pajamas to school.

What could this girl possibly be complimenting me on?! She motions to my neck where my Frozen lanyard dangles marking me as a freshmen, although at the time I am a sophomore. “I have the same one.” she finishes.

IMG_0228.jpgAttached to my key chain is my pink pepper spray which goes everywhere with me, warning boys of my girlie voodoo. As if I don’t believe her she shows me her pepper spray… and we became best friends! Just kidding. We didn’t become friends although being that we lived on the same floor I did see her often.

Unfortunately I don’t get to kid about this new must have college accessory, that not only may have saved my outfit but has the potential to save an actual life.

How did I become the proud owner of this ‘it’ item? Like most high school newly grads, safety was not really on my mind. Therefore, I was a little surprised when I unwrapped the pepper spray on my birthday. Shout out to my brother.. Thanks! Although it may not seem like it, it’s definitely one of the best and most useful gifts!

It’s unfortunate that the need for this accessory exists, but it’s the world we live in. When people cover the clothing aspect in regards to ‘rape culture’ it is looking at the actual fabric (or what they consider to be lack of..) but what about this added accessory? The women’s most ‘killer’ or at least ‘blinding’ part of her outfit defines this culture. We are like knights who have to wear armor into battle. The problem is that we aren’t going into an actual war zone! Yet we have to wear protective gear, in case we are thrusted into action.

This pepper spray trend seems to be only within the boundaries of campus grounds. I wouldn’t dare wear my spray to a local bar in the Chicago suburbs. ot because I feel any safer than I did on a college campus, but for all the crazy stares I would receive for my look even when the pink container matches the outfit. Or perhaps the spray may be misconstrued as a weapon instead of the shield it is and I wouldn’t even be able to get into the building.

The problem is rape culture is not just a campus thing, it’s everywhere! Therefore, why isn’t this accessory trending everywhere?


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