Bubble gum POP

In a crowded train station I walk to “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift as the strangers near me walk to their own beat, headphones in and listening to their musical tunes. In a world full of earbud listeners I cringe at the question of “What is your favorite song/band/music genre?” To which I reply with “Whatever is on the radio, Katy Perry or Taylor Swift and pop.” Yes I’ll admit it I am your typical boring Bubble gum POP girl. My taste of music is not worldly like the Kpop listeners, nor do I partake as a hipster listening to new music that eventually will become popular, and I have never gotten into classical. The thing about music is it’s culture, it’s more than just a song, it’s a world, a community!

I had the opportunity to discover one of these ‘new to me’ communities as a guy I was dating wanted to share the musical part of his life with me by inviting me to an EDM concert.

Now being new to this type of music, I began to panic about what I should wear to this concert right away! Talking to him about my fashion crisis was very unhelpful because he kept telling me to wear whatever and that their is a variety of fashion at the show.

For the EDM concert I choose to wear my high-waisted skinny jeans, a flowered yet dark colored flowy top, a leather jacket and my black and white flats. With my statement Camera purse of course! He was right though, there was an abundance of styles from onesies to girls in shorts and fishnets. I definitely blended in. Thank goodness!

The experience itself was totally different from anything I’ve been to before. Like I said it is not just music but a culture. Although the venue had this club vibe, the event was structured more as a concert. Now for those of you unfamiliar with EDM, the music is all electronic and therefore there are no actual instruments but instead a sound board like a DJ would have. As if it was a live band we all faced the stage in lines, to watch the artist perform and play the board. Now there were some costumes and props to create an experience. The music is very fast paced, and I think the concept is for the lights to match the music creating this type of synchronized beating.

And the dancing is suppose to match up to the lights and music, as the entire crowd rapidly headbangs in this forward and back motion. Honestly I thought headbanging was only a historical dance move our parents did at rock concerts. It looks cool though, and if i can ever figure out how to dance like that, it is a move I would totally use. Needless to say, it’s not the type of dancing I’m use to though. And I am not a dancer.. at all! I am more of a swaying, club dancer. I learned dancing was all about the hips! Not with this type of music. I still am so confused about how one should dance at these shows. A very nice couple at the concert tried to help teach me, but I just didn’t pick up on it.

I did have a lot of fun, but I think I can officially say I am still that Bubble gum POP girl and I’m ok with it!


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